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94% first time delivery rate

The last mile and doorstep experience is the most critical part of the online shopping experience and is often the only part of the process where there is any human interaction. The performance of the delivery company during this stage is inextricably linked to the retailer and can play a key role in the consumer’s decision to buy online again. Delivery Connect allows organisations to improve quality of service by tracking individual parcels through every stage of the collection and delivery process.

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1,500 B2B customers signed on since deployment

The postal industry is undergoing constant change with an increasingly demanding and competitive market. For several years the industry has faced declining levels of traditional mail growth coupled with an increase in online shopping and home delivery services. As a result, postal organisations are under constant pressure to meet changing customer requirements and expectations for faster, cheaper and more reliable service. Delivery Connect enables organisations to maximise improvement, reduce handling and operational costs, and adapt swiftly to changing market demands.

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Over 40 consignment notes saved per delivery

An increasingly global market is forcing the commoditisation of core logistics functions whilst demand for mass customisation is growing. Supply chains are becoming longer and more complex whilst new competitors enter the market and existing competitors up their game. Maintaining a position as the customer’s first choice logistics partner requires constant effort and continuous improvement. Delivery Connect empowers operations, and releases the full potential of arguably the most important workers in the logistics operation; the mobile worker.

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Over 1 tonne of paper saved per week

Routine maintenance and facilities management is all about meeting agreed service levels whilst maintaining efficiencies within both the execution of the work and the processes which support work allocation. Service Connect is known to significantly reduce the cost of performing routine maintenance situations and almost completely eliminates the need for paperwork. Service Connect enables the service call centre to allocate jobs to mobile workers for days, weeks or even months ahead, sorted to any criteria.

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100% stock accuracy

In a reactive maintenance service, jobs are allocated based on a customer call or an automatic alert from a piece of machinery.  In these cases speed of response is vital, along with the capability to advise the customer accurately of anticipated timescales for resolution. Equipped with Service Connect, engineers have the right information, the right tools, at the right time to efficiently attend jobs, minimise travel time and provide the highest level of service quality to the customer.

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IMRG & Blackbay UK Consumer Home Delivery Survey 2014

Over half of online shoppers may have been influenced by comments about delivery on social media websites.

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Retailers and the Carriers Still Not Getting Delivery Right

The recent UK Consumer Home Delivery Review highlights that, as shown in last year's survey, consumers continue to have the same frustrations around un-successful first-time, on-time delivery of their goods.

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Northern Refrigerated Achieve Six Pillars of Success

Northern Refrigerated Transportation (NRT) has implemented Delivery Connect to deliver complete visibility of their delivery and pick up operations. 

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BBC Feature Blackbay Home Delivery Innovation - "Where is my Customer"

Andrew Bomford, BBC reports on Blackbay, a company providing services to courier firms, has developed a smartphone app which enables delivery firms to find their customer even if they're not at the address they said they'd be at.


Launch of No Trucking Worries

Blackbay is excited to announce the Beta Launch of No Trucking Worries (NTW). NTW is the latest product innovation from Blackbay for the logistics industry. 

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