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    Helping Delivery Companies Work Smarter

    Over 145,000 drivers trust Blackbay to deliver over 6,000,000 items per day. With a global customer base that includes Australia Post, DHL, Hermes, Royal Mail, Toll, Office Max, Northern Refrigerated Transportation and many more. Blackbay solutions are the technology enabler that helps delivery companies work smarter, every day.

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    Delivery Connect

    The 'last mile' and doorstep experience is often the only part of the delivery process with any face-to-face interaction.

    Delivery Connect tracks and controls the delivery of goods along the supply chain ensuring constant customer communication and interaction.

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    Giving the Consumer Control

    Are you ready to meet the increasing demands of today’s consumer?

    Consumers want choice, flexibility and speed when it comes to their deliveries. How can today’s delivery organisation meet these demands whilst also increasing their own value within the delivery supply chain?

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Over 145,000 people trust Blackbay to help perform in excess of 6,000,000 deliveries and collections per day.

Enhance Customer Experience

Enhance Customer Experience

Real-time proactive information provides transparency of the delivery process and increases first time, right time delivery.

Generate Revenue

Generate Incremental Revenue

Enables companies to offer new and improved services for delivery as well as upsell opportunities at the doorstep through WorkSmart.

Reduce costs

Reduce Operating Costs

Automates delivery processes through electronic scanning and manifesting removing costly labor and administrative costs.

Increase efficiency

Increase Business Efficiency

Streamlines Depot/Dock activities through improved loading, delivery management, optimization and real-time access to field information.

Electronic Signature & Parcel Tracking Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Customer expectations have changed drastically regarding the delivery of goods. The explosion in online shopping has led to increased consumer demand for better levels of home delivery service. In fact, the delivery phase of any online order is rightly seen as being critical to its success, and this has led to numerous innovations, including parcel tracking and electronic signature capabilities. It remains a key consideration for consumers with a recent UK consumer home-delivery survey finding that half of online shoppers admitted that their buying patterns might have been influenced by comments about delivery on social media platforms.

When you think about it, the courier responsible for delivering the goods you order online is usually the only person you have any interaction with. It is vital that they are able to provide a level of service that meets your expectations because their performance is linked to that of the retailer and plays a key role in your decision to buy online from them again. This is why logistics companies and other firms whose reputations rest on their delivery service are investing in enterprise mobility solutions, such as parcel tracking and electronic signature.

It is not enough to simply execute delivery; the process from dispatch to delivery must be managed as one end-to-end track & trace process. Consumers, be it individuals or other businesses, want to see that their consumer delivery preferences have been accounted for in dispatch and that a DPD predict can estimate when goods will be delivered to the home or premises. At the point of delivery, those working in supply chain and field service operations have to be able to track & trace the items they are delivering and this is made possible through parcel tracking and electronic signature software solutions.

Track & Trace Proof of Delivery, Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Such is the volume of goods and services ordered from consumers on a daily basis, that the idea of postal organisations and logistics companies not managing the track & trace of items effectively with parcel tracking and electronic signature is simply unthinkable. Parcel tracking and electronic signature solutions at point of delivery is confirmation that delivery has been completed, but what about the time in between? The logistics market is becoming increasingly congested, with supply chains becoming longer and more complex and new competitors entering the market all the time. This is where Enterprise Mobility and Mobility Solutions have come into their own.

It is so important for existing providers to continually improve their level of service if they are to retain the loyalty of their customers. Mobile workers are the operatives that will show how committed their employers are to the constant improvement that is required. It will soon become apparent to the consumer those who aren’t, so it’s time you started looking at your track & trace capability and how parcel tracking and electronic signature solutions can empower your mobile workforce if you haven’t already.

Track & Trace is made possible through enterprise mobile apps from Blackbay that incorporate every aspect of the logistics operation. Courier software and GPS trackers allow you to track the movements of couriers you have out in the field at any one time and routing software allows those tasked with delivery to plot and navigate their way to destinations with minimal fuss and the utmost efficiency. Once they reach the delivery destination, parcel tracking and electronic signature is your evidence that the items have been received and signed-off by the recipient, arguably the single most important element. Being able to verify and record successful deliveries is vital, and this is achievable with our proof of delivery app that enables the mobile worker to record and communicate electronic proof of delivery status.

Who provides parcel tracking and electronic signature solutions?

When searching for organisations with the capability to provide parcel tracking and electronic signature solutions, look no further than Blackbay. These form just part of our comprehensive track & trace portfolio of enterprise mobility solutions that enable your organisation to make the service and productivity improvements that are so critical to supply chain and field service operations. We currently manage over 140,000 mobile workers and over 6,000,000 service visits and deliveries per day. This demonstrates just how many organisations put their trust in us when it comes to empowering their mobile workers with our enterprise mobile apps and parcel tracking and electronic signature software.

Our solutions are underpinned by the need for track & trace technology.This has led to many of the world’s leading logistics companies using our parcel tracking and electronic signature solutions and proof of delivery software to increase their efficiency, improve the quality of their service and ultimately drive revenues. At Blackbay we’re well aware of changing consumer demands, which is why we’re continually building on our wealth of experience in workforce enterprise mobility to develop increasingly innovative enterprise mobile apps that utilise the very best in track & trace and parcel tracking and electronic signature technology. We never rest on our laurels so you can be sure that with Blackbay as your partner for enterprise mobility solutions, you will equip your mobile workforce with the tools to deliver unrivalled logistical performance first time, every time.

If you’re concerned that your track & trace capability is being left behind by the demands of the customers you serve or need the expert advice from a market leader in the provision of proof of delivery, parcel tracking and electronic signature solutions, contact Blackbay today.

Blackbay Products

Designed to meet the needs of the smallest delivery company through to the largest delivery company.
Each product is driven by Blackbay's domain expertise in the logistics industry.

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    Delivery Connect

    Delivery Connect, streamlines the delivery process by connecting the shipper, depot operation, dispatcher, driver and crucially the consumer with real-time information to provide an efficient and transparent delivery process.


    • Electronic proof of delivery & chain of custody
    • Flexible workflows
    • GPS tracking & geo fencing
    • Comprehensive bi & reporting
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    • Job Dispatch
    • Cross-dock/in-depot
    • Exception Management
    • Route optimization
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    No Trucking Worries Application

    NTW ensures drivers are fully informed with electronic information on trips including pay per mile and stop instructions even before a Trip is accepted. Drivers easily communicate with dispatch and manage exceptions/delays as they happen.


    • Cloud-based solution
    • Trip Management for Drivers
    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    • Standard API for Integration
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    • Web Portal for Dispatch
    • Documentation Scanning
    • Cross Platform
    • Owner/Company Linking
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    Expect is a multi-faceted product including driver and operational tools, powered by Delivery Connect, and a consumer interface to track, react and interact with the consumer in real-time. Ensuring visibility and transparency for consumer and delivery agent.


    • Notifications SMS/Email/Portal
    • Timed delivery windows
    • Customer Delivery Preference Management
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    • Track & Trace
    • Parcel divert options
    • Real-time route optimization
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